I presented my graduate voice recital on March 22, 2015.  The recital was in partial fulfillment of the requirements for my Master of Music in Vocal Performance degree at Washington University in St. Louis.  The program is presented below, with links to audio recordings for each of the sets in the recital.The program is presented below, with links to video recordings for each of the sets in the recital.

Anthony Tomassini, baritone

Sandra Geary, piano

Set 1:   “Since first I saw your face”                                                              Thomas Ford (ca.1580-1648)

              “Flow my tears”                                                                               John Dowland (1563-1626)

              “Time stands still”                

With Jeffrey Noonan, lute

Set 2:    "In der Fremde”                                                                                 Robert Schumann (1810-1856) 

              “Auf einer Burg”                                                                  

              “Die Beiden Grenadiere”                                                     

Set 3:   Don Quichotte à Dulcinée                                                                 Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)

I.    “Chanson romanesque”                                    

II.   “Chanson épique”

III.  “Chanson à boire"


Set 4:   “Fußreise”                                                                                         Hugo Wolf (1860-1903)    

              “In der Frühe”                                                          

              “Der Feuerreiter”                                         

Set 5:   From 6 Songs from A Shropshire lad                                               George Butterworth (1885-1916)

                    I.   “Loveliest of trees”                                               

                    II.  “When I was one and twenty”                           

                    V.  “The lads in their hundreds”                             

                    VI. “Is my team ploughing?”                                   

Set 6:  “When you’re lying awake with a dismal headache”, from Iolanthe   Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900)